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An empty chair for me means, someone has made it ready for me.
An empty chair opposite to mine means, whom i have been waiting for will never turn up.

Empty chair

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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great capture :-). aareyadaa wait cheythu irikunnathu???;-)


was waiting for the waiter, they take a loooooong time to server food, phew! :P

Nice one there...the yellow is striking, but why the rest of the background is bw? can you put up the original one?

the chair looks more like a 3d rendering!

hey isnt that the chair from the Pub at brigade rd?

me and my olympus c 750!

nice pic!

wow!oxford book store?
great shot

I absolutely love selective colouration, but for me this does not work. The yellow is waaaay too loud. I would have gone all monochrome on this shot. All in all, very good capture.


Nice one !

Thanks, here is the color version.

yeah, its a new camera trick ;)

You are asking me? :O U are more famiiar with Blr pubs than I am :P

Thanks, glad to meet another Olympus user.

Yup, this is the place, thanks! :)

Hmmm, i should have tried that too, thanks for visiting my blog.

Thanks Vidya

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