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I saw a place to take rest. I sat there and wondered. How did I reach here? Where did I go wrong? Or am I on the right path? I was asked to sit here and wait, that was the promise. And I waited and i waited...

Taken @ Cubborn park, Bangalore.

Lost in thoughts

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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beautiful . . oru onnonnara maramanallode athu . .sunshine adds to the beauty . .

amazing shot!!! it has a cool overall 3d effect...

next time u come over to blr, i will take u to the place. The trip to the park was a disappointment and this is the only snap which i felt was worth a post!

Thanks! :)

cool snap
me & my frndz enjoyed
a true masterpiece from the great master.......


but i am not a master, i am still learning.
If u want i can show u some real masters :)

As usual its beautiful...:)

I love that wide angle view, and that majestic tree, with shades all around. Nicely portrayed. Cheers

lovely.. exceptional take!!!

Good Picture there!

Glad to know u like it :)
Thanks man, Btw, wide angled perception was achieved by cropping. Thanks to a friend who suggested the same.
@sreejith kumar
Thanks Sreejith, And u have an interestin blog too.

awesome pic dude..

thanks buddy! :)

nice photo. i like it. may be some day i have sat under that tree. cubbon park is beautiful. dont know how it is now.

your waiting sounds like this,,


thanks man, this was taken 3 weeks back, I felt the park as a lil boring, this is the only spot that was intersting

awesome man... awesome.. what lighting you got...

thanks man. this was a trip, which made me disappointed becasue of how the snaps came out. And I posted only this one and its being received well. :D

nice pic dude... try seeing how it looks in sepia...

Thanks Palak, yup I had tried that too. felt this looked a lil better. Thanks for the suggestion :)

wow!! this pic great.. luved it!!

thanks :)

Great Shot...the picture is well balanced!!

very beautiful and serene shot:)

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