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Its surprising how fast your city grows. Will we be able to keep the pace?


I was never confident of taking night shots on my Olympux C765. But this one turned out to be not that bad. Please voice ur opinion :)

Location: Bangalore
The new Vittal Malliya Towers!

On top of the world

Saturday, February 18, 2006

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concrete jungles... sounds horrible! anyways the olympus nightshot has got it properly despite of some grains.

hey it seems we've almost the same camera. mine is c770. for some specific cases i use an attached tele/macro lens,, cheers and have a nice time photographing! anyways one -ve point it has is poor image stablization. cant shoot moving objects at poor light.

nice sky, lights and the tower :)

picture clarity is awesome under this dim light too....

yup, c765 and c770 are almost the same, except that the latter has a horse-shoe and captures video in mepg4. Btw, as far as i know neither has image stabilisation at all :(

U inspired me to take night shots buddy

exposed for 8 seconds @ IS064 :D

like that shot...i get a lot of purple fringing on my G5...guess u'll need a SLR for that perfect shot...

Cool, I was thinking when did you go onsite.. :D

blore scares me
when u walk beise those huge concrete towers u feel as if a million eyes r watching u from above
huge & creepy

With the kind of snaps that you take, I feel you dont need a SLR at all :)

He he. Blr is growing fast

Last time you came here, I didn't see any signs of fear :>

the lights show excellent!!!

cool? come on man.. what diff does it make to you?

Thanks da, I believe the long exposure made the streaks appear, if that is what you are talking about!

Thanks man, :) I was always scared abt purple fringing and grains.

i dunno these technical terms..just 1 qn..is bnlore this beautiful or is it ur skills?


now thats a great night shot :)
!!! i need such a cam desperately !!!

this is bangalore? :o long time since my last visit!!!! :D

thanks, u have a nik, take it out tonight and give it a shot :)
bangalore is changes everyday, esp if u have to w8 1 hour in traffic jam on way to office, like me :P

nice shots!! i like these towers.. :)

Kewl shot.. very nice..


nice shot..and that too of bangalore!

Actually yeah! Excellent shot! Captures the growing city that Bangalore is of late! A nice addendum would be the traffic jams @ Hosur Road and Marathalli ;-)!

All jokes apart, amazing snap! The night lights combined with the evening haziness of the sky looks amazing! :-)!

Nice shot

@Kishley, @samcam, @Rohit, @Maya, @suresh
thanks a lot, Never thot will get so many comments for this snap :)

thanks guru, yup the traffic is a nightmare, but that can be a good subject as well, have been planning abt it but never got a chance

hv u used a filter for scatering those lights.?

or its feature of ur cam?

I assume u r talking abt the green streaks of light. Its because i exposed my camera for a longer time and the crane hand u see in the picture was moving and hence the streak.
Btw, I use a point n shoot Olympus C765, which doesnt have any support filters! :(

To be honest...this one lack the depth..may be a you need to imbible more depth of the night...

just my comments...

To be honest...this one lack the depth..may be a you need to imbible more depth of the night...

just my comments...

Thanks for the advice Gov!
Yup, i think i shud practice more night shots!

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