Its surprising how fast your city grows. Will we be able to keep the pace?


I was never confident of taking night shots on my Olympux C765. But this one turned out to be not that bad. Please voice ur opinion :)

Location: Bangalore
The new Vittal Malliya Towers!

On top of the world

Saturday, February 18, 2006

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I saw a place to take rest. I sat there and wondered. How did I reach here? Where did I go wrong? Or am I on the right path? I was asked to sit here and wait, that was the promise. And I waited and i waited...

Taken @ Cubborn park, Bangalore.

Lost in thoughts

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

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When I started this blog, all I had in my mind was to post my snaps and get it reviewed. But off late, i have been getting appreciation (tag in blogger terms) from a few friends. it wud be unfair of me, if I dont mention them in my blog. So here goes

Got tagged by Srijith first here. Btw, this guy has a mobile camera and takes very interesting snaps, U can check his photo blog here.
Binu a.k.a. supplie tagged me here.
Meenu tagged me here.
Vids tagged me here.

There, I am done. Thanks all u guys!

Now back to photography! :)

Thanks guys

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