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What does hundred mean to you?
To a poet, a hundred stars in the sky
To a child, a hundred chocolates.
To a cricket fan, SRT's last hundred
To a doctor, hundred lives he saved
To an athlete, hundred meters
For me, its hundred days!


If anyone out there had been wondering why I haven't posted any pics, well I have been held tight in office. Never got time to get my cam out and go hunting. Today morning, I thought I should post something here. I dug through my old snaps (around the time when I started clicking) and this is what I could come up with.

This weekend, I am going to my native place for vacation. Ten days of freedom! :) Hope to come back with some good snaps. Will be back in 2k6! The road ahead looks promising.


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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All the best while on the road...hav a gr8 vacation...

so where are we going this time ;)

thanks! :)

surprise, surprise! ;)

Yo, wherever it is, I'm in it too :D

@ steve
We were planning to come over to ur house! Glad to see that u r supportive.

nice pics... wr is that misty place?

"The road ahead looks promising"

i bow to thee!!

nice pic

thanks, that misty place is Nandi Hills, some 60 kms from Bangalore.


thanks man

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